GoodPoetry Submission Guidelines

GoodPoetry is accepting submissions for consideration for publication on its website and social media platforms. Submissions are accepted on a quarterly basis, and consideration is given to new and established poets.


Poetry is an art, and a craft. While it also a form of a expression— poetry is a craft. Please keep this in mind when submitting a poetry manuscript. Before submitting any manuscript to GoodPoetry, the poet is encouraged to read the poetry that is already published at, and on its social media sites in order to understand the quality of poetry we seek to publish.

Moreover, a poetry submission which sounds more like an essay, speech, or report, will likely be rejected for consideration at GoodPoetry. Those poets who wish to submit prose poetry are encouraged to read the webpages from Academy of American Poets, and, for an explanation of the poetry genre, in addition to examples of prose poetry.


  • Submit no more than 5 previously unpublished poems at a time with one poem per page. Poems can be in any style, form, or mode, and on any subject.
  • Poems must be typed with the poet’s name on the top right-hand corner of each page with page numbers (if applicable). Example: Smith, pg. 5
  • Manuscripts will be accepted via e-mail at
  • The acceptance, rejection, and publication of each manuscript, and its content, relies upon the sole discretion of the Poetry Editor.
  • The poet retains all ownership rights to all manuscripts submitted for review to the GoodPoetry Journal.
  • If a manuscript is accepted by GoodPoetry (whether in part, or whole) the poet grants GoodPoetry the right to publish the poet’s work through any, or all, of GoodPoetry’s media outlets (both, print and electronic).
  • All works accepted will be featured in the next publishing cycle. The poet will be notifed of this via e-mail and/or mail.
  • Accepted works are automatically considered for inclusion in GoodPoetry’s poetry zine and chapbook publications (print and electronic). Information about these publications is forthcoming.
  • A Theme Schedule will be posted on in the near future.
  • Submissions are accepted and published on a Rolling Basis. Submit your manuscript for consideration.

2 thoughts on “Submissions”

  1. OMG….OMG!!!! I looooooooove to WRITE!!!! Dislike type….this will be AN AWESOME, AND HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE!!!! The thought of manuscript entry….is creative, and unique….I sooo…enjoy PUTTING THE PEN TO PAPER, soon to be a lost ART!!!!
    THANK you so for the opportunity!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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