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GoodPoetry Gets A Facelift— Just in time for National Poetry Month

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The GoodPoetry Journal is getting a much-needed facelift! Check us out in April for new content, including new photos and videos. Also, in honor of National Poetry Month, GoodPoetry will publish poetry each day from poets of the past, and of today! National Poetry Month lasts from April 1st to 30th. Enjoy!

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“I had no time to hate, because” by Emily Dickinson (December 10th, 1830 – May 15th, 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson (Photo credit: Amherst College Archives)

I had no time to hate, because

The grave would hinder me,

And life was not so ample I
Could finish enmity.Nor had I time to love, but since
Some industry must be,
The little toil of love, I thought,
Was large enough for me.